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Skin Cancer

Skin cancer surgery

If you notice a new or suspicious mole or lesion on your skin, it is best to firstly see your General Practitioner. A biopsy may be needed to confirm the diagnosis but some skin cancers look very characteristic and can be managed by going straight to treatment. Some skin cancer can be managed without surgery such as with special creams or light treatment as prescribed by Dermatology. However surgery remains the definitive way in which to manage skin cancer.

As a Plastic Surgeon, my role in the treatment of skin cancer involves the diagnosis and surgical treatment of skin cancer as well as reconstruction following resection of skin cancers by other clinicians from sensitive areas around the face such as the nose, eyelids, lips or ears.

I hope you find these guides helpful in preparation for surgery and for your recovery. It will cover general details of surgery and the normal way that individual’s recover after facial surgery.



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